New album on Ozella records: ’Windfall’

The axiom ’windfall’ usually refers to unexpected, dazzling opportunities coming your way. The latest Denada-album is really a collection of creative windfalls, picked up during life on the road the last years. Ensemble Denada have visited festivals, clubs and concert venues in more then 10 countries since the release of the first album in 2006. The world has changed since then. In August 2008, Ensemble Denada performed in Aleppo, Syria. Today, large parts of this beautiful, ancient city is destroyed and haunted by the horrors of civil war. When Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy a few weeks later, setting off a global financial crisis, Ensemble Denada was in transfer between London and Heathrow airport. The next stop was Vienna, followed by Oslo. But despite the dramatic political and economic development in the world, people still go to concerts and visit festivals. In Europe and elsewhere. When Ensemble Denada closed the 2012-season on the road in Italy, the band experienced full houses in small cities and cheering by other guests when entering the local restaurant after the performance. Meeting audiences like this makes it worth all the efforts! It also bring hope for mankind; as long as a 15-piece contemporary Norwegian jazz orchestra is able to travel 2 500 km to meet with 400 dedicated italians in a theatre outside Venice, peace and prosperity may break out any day!

Helge Sunde received the award "EDVARD-prisen" for "Windfall" in august 2013.
The jury said: « With the album "Windfall" Helge Sunde and Ensemble Denada have produced a sharpened album loaded with energetic positivity. From the first bar the listener is striked by the well formulated musical ideas... ...a virtuosic musical fast train of enthusiasm... ...a powerful demonstration of peak level creativity and craftmenship, all signed by composer and band leader Helge Sunde"

News article about the award (In Norwegian only):
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Trumpets: Frank Brodahl, Marius Haltli,
Trumpet, flugelhorn: Anders Eriksson.
Soprano sax: Frode Nymo.
Alto sax, flute and alto flute: Børge-Are Halvorsen.
Tenor sax, bass clarinet: Atle Nymo.
Bass sax, contra alto clarinet, tuba: Nils Jansen.
Trombones: Even Kruse Skatrud, Erik Johannessen, Helge Sunde.
Guitar: Jens Thoresen.
Electronics/live visuals: Peter Baden.
Piano: Olga Konkova.
Bass: Per Mathisen.
Drums: Håkon Mjåset Johansen

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